Australian Truffle Hunters are one of Australia’s leading truffle hunting operations, with well over 9000kg of truffle found to date, in truffieres on both the East and West coasts of Australia.

We train our dogs in scent detection and indication of the Perigord, or French Black Truffle, a highly revered, subterranean fungus which can only be found naturally in Europe, or elsewhere on specifically innoculated Oak or Hazelnut trees.

Although we are currently contracted to south western WA, we have an established network of truffle hunters in other truffle producing areas. We also have experience in assisting truffle growers in training their own dogs. Please check Our Services * or contact us with your enquiry.

Please look around the website for more About Us, how we train our Dogs, plus a little about the Truffles: and share in previous successes, plus this season’s progress via our Media Gallery and Blog.


(*Please note, we do not consult on truffle production, our sole focus is on finding them.)